Multi-disciplinary designer & current student in the University of Washington’s Human Centered Design + Engineering Master’s Program.


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Cours Sèvres Competition

Date: 2015
Team:  Thomas Fargetas, Benoit de Guisa, and Gauthier Blanc
These renders and diagram were produced for the Cours Sèvres 2015 international competition. I collaborated on the design of this structure, a museum and monument to the Armenian genocide, with a team of three other young architects who were living in Armenia at the time of the competition. I was responsible for producing all programmatic diagrams and presentation renders.

The museum was set to be housed in a historic structure, and teams were tasked with designing the interior architecture of the historic building as well as an accompanying exhibit space and memorial. We chose to place the bulk of the accompanying structure underground, to accentuate our monument's verticality and also provide a suitably solemn ambiance. I worked with the team on the design, and produced the following drawings for our final presentation:

The central atrium is designed as an indoor extension of the accompanying public memorial; visitors can meet there or reflect in an airy, historic space before continuing through the underground exhibit.

View of the atrium, which showcases the historic building.

Interior of the monument.

Passageway between monument and lobby.

Exhibit space.

Exhibit space.

Exterior at night.