Multi-disciplinary designer & current student in the University of Washington’s Human Centered Design + Engineering Master’s Program.


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Date: 2019
Ekene Ijeoma
Fabrication: DCM Fabrication Inc.
Programming: Patten Studio
Location: Kennedy Center, Washington DC

For this permanent public artwork for the Kennedy Center, I was in charge of design development, the production of all 3D models and drawings, and managing the physical prototyping and fabrication process. The artist’s vision involved a network of seamless polished stainless steel veritcals, which would illuminate when people used their bodies to complete the circuits. We were responsible for designing and building a weatherproof outdoor system that could support this vision, and providing a clear and concise install guide for the venue.

Photo Credit: Patten Studio

Photo Credit: Patten Studio
Photo Credit: Photos of installed piece are by Patten Studio, production photos are my own

The artwork needed space for hardware below the ‘ground’ level, and also needed all electrical components to be isolated. I was responsible for laying out a framework to support the poles and the hardware specs, sourcing all materials, designing the physical lighting component, and designing custom milled aluminum parts that could accommodate the lighting and wiring of the piece without compromising the hand-to-hand circuit.